5 Popular Ways to Receive Your Sugar Baby Allowance

Nothing prepared you for the rush of that first sugar daddy payment. Its a rush because this is payment for something new and strange, and it's money that is probably going to keep coming steadily for a period of time. While some view it technically as money for work, most do not however, because they believe it is payment for something which comes naturally to them. Be that as it may, it is important to decide a method for the receipt of this payment, and this can be done in a plethora of ways.

1. Cash
This is the most common method of payment despite the advent of electronic banking in the system nowadays. One of the major advantages of cash is its feature of being uniquely untraceable. Most sugar babies deeply value their privacy and as a result would want to avoid unnecessary bank stories by simply receiving their money in cash. This is usually practiced by the ladies who know how to handle large sums of cash, as it is not uncommon to blow wads of money once at hand. Cash method can also be used by sugar babies who are more trusting with what they can physically see, and also want to avoid cases of fraudulent bank transactions.

While these are huge advantages, cash transactions also come with a few demerits. Dispositions of girls vary, and some sugar babies will find it a tad awkward receiving cash because it could give off a vibe akin to receiving payment for prostitution. Also, it can pose a bit of danger as having such large sums in your possession generally makes one more vulnerable to robbery and even more debilitating scenarios. Also, it's untraceability which is a huge pro could also figure as a con, as cash stolen can hardly be traced.

2. Bank deposits
Banks can also be used for these transactions and is another common arrangement dating practice. These deposits are advantageous because it is largely safer than walking around with cash, but is also frowned upon because of possible taxation. Most banks have to report transactions above 10000 dollars and as such, some like to shy away from banks.

3. PayPal
The advent of PayPal has morphed money transactions, as money can be sent from one person to a other with none other than an email address. As such, sugar Daddies can make allowance payment to their sugar babies within a very short period of time, and it is a very secure means of transaction. Digital record none withstanding, it is a recommended means of payment because it is quite fast and convenient.

4. Bitcoin
This cryptocurrency is another great way of making sugar baby payments, as they are confidential and do not require personal details, hence minimizing the digital trail. The demerit however, is the requirement of a certain level of technological know how and the volatility of the value of the bitcoin.

5. Sugar daddy payment can also come in the form of paying bills of sugar babies directly and not really giving the sugar babies the cash. This is usually not preferred by the sugar babies as it limits their spending potential

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