Best Tips for Exotic Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Dating Online

Just because it might be a little with sugar baby dating doesn’t mean the dates have to be very different. Just because you find her on a sugar babies website doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be treated any differently than someone on a regular date. It might cost a little more, because the sugar baby is still seeking financial security, but it doesn’t mean the date doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be treated with any less respect than a normal girl. She still wants the freedom to be herself. Still, you have to make the date a little more exotic for the sugar baby.

In The Air

Some of the most exotic dates can be up in the air, literally. It doesn’t even have to be a flight to a particular location. There are plenty of exotic dates found in hanging restaurants in the sky, spinning restaurants with beautiful aerial views, or even riding a gondola. Even first-class dining through a high-priced airline can be exotic. There’s just something so exotic about eating while hundreds or thousands of feet in the air.


From canyons to caverns, there’s something so mystical about eating underground. For those who can’t stomach eating in the sky; eating underground can be just as exotic for sugar daddies looking to change it up with sugar baby dating. You often see these exotic restaurants underground that are unconventional on television shows. However, don’t confuse the term underground as a closed-door restaurant, as we are actually talking about a restaurant under the ground.

On The Ocean

What can be more exotic than eating at a restaurant on the ocean? Whether it’s a suspended restaurant above the water or seating in the clear-blue water itself, you can find exotic water-themed dining locations everywhere from the Maldives and Bora Bora to Norway and the Philippines. Some restaurants place the chairs and tables in the water itself. Others put their restaurants under the water. There’s just something so exotic about eating amongst a sea of blue.

With Animals

When you think of the word “exotic” you think of animals sometimes, right? Your sugar baby is still a human being who might love animals. Whether you’re eating in a cat cafe in Tokyo or enjoying wine at a bar that doubled at a dog park, there’s plenty of exotic eating locations for a date with your sugar baby that involves animals.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby dating doesn’t have to be too exotic, but it also doesn’t have to be very basic either. Remember, most of the reason she is dating a sugar daddy is for financial reasons, that’s just how a sugar daddy arrangement works. Whether you want to take her into the sky, underground, or on the ocean, there’s no shortage of great date ideas that only you can afford to take. Just remember to treat her with respect and remember that she’s still a human being with feelings. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

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